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The links below are for groups with interests in the local environment and/or heritage. There are two lists, a local list for Friends-of and similar groups for parks or areas that are located nearby or with whom we have had contacts, and a general list for groups whose operations cover Sheffield or South Yorkshire.

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Local list

Friends of the Botanical Gardens Sheffield

Homepage at

Botanical Gardens Trust homepage at

Friends of Brincliffe Edge Wood

Page hosted on the Nether Edge site at

Dore Village SocietyCommunity, Environment and Conservation

Homepage at

Friends of Ecclesall Woods

Homepage at

Friends of Gillfield Wood

Homepage at

Friends of Graves Park

Homepage at

Friends of Millhouses Park

Homepage at

Friends of the Porter Valley

Homepage at

Friends of Whinfell Quarry Garden

Page hosted on the Parks & Gardens site at

Facebook page at

General Cemetery Trust

Homepage at

Rivelin Valley Conservation Group

Homepage at

Sheffield City Council Directory of Friends-of-Groups

Dropdown menu “Find your local ‘Friends Of’ group” at

General List

Joined Up Heritage Sheffield

Homepage at

Nature Recovery Sheffield

Page hosted by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust at

Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust

Homepage at

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Homepage at

Flood Alleviation in the Limb Valley project page at

Sheffield Bird Study Group

Homepage at

Sheffield Environmental Movement

Homepage at

Sheffield Green Space Forum

Homepage at with many links to national organisations.

South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group

Ian Rotherham’s “Walk on the Wildside” Blog at