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About us

Friends of Whirlow Brook Park (FoWP) was initiated in February 2021 and constituted in September 2021. The group became a Registered Charity, No 1204004, on 17 July 2023. It is one of over 80 Friends groups who look after parks and open spaces in Sheffield, with the encouragement and support of the landowner, Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside Department. It was conceived by members of Sheffield u3a who have restored the area around the rock garden and upper pond, but who recognised that the remainder of the 39 acre park was becoming increasingly neglected due to lack of resources.

FoWP is a separate entity, with its own constitution, management committee and group of volunteers. It will work and operate in close cooperation with colleagues in Parks and Countryside.

Objects of FoWP as a Charity

The charity’s objects (‘the objects’) are to promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment at Whirlow Brook Park and the surrounding woodland and waterways.

Our Constitution can be found by clicking here and our current Strategic Plan can be found by clicking here.


We have about 25 regular volunteers who work in the Park on Saturdays (once a month, usually the first Saturday of the month) and Mondays (once a month, usually the third Monday of the month) . You can read more about them on our Volunteering page and find the schedule of sessions on our Events page.


Happy volunteers on the Big Pond Clearout, 18 October 2021

Management Committee

The current membership of our Management Committee is as follows:

  • Chair – Shelagh Woolliscroft
  • Secretary – Roger Lasko
  • Treasurer – Chris Cave
  • Publicity – Maggie Girling
  • Membership – David Jordan
  • Projects – Nick Goffin

Shelagh Woolliscroft,, Roger Lasko and Chris Cave are the trustees of the FoWP Charity.


Our Patron is Sir Jamie Benton Jones.

Sir Jamie Benton Jones

See our History page to read about his family’s connection to the Park.

Japanese Garden