Join the Friends

If you wish to join the Friends of Whirlow Brook Park (FoWP), please complete and submit the application form below. In joining FoWP there is no obligation to take part in our volunteering sessions.


To have voting rights as a Friend of Whirlow Brook Park, it is necessary to pay the annual subscription which is £10.00 and covers all members of a single household. In the interests of saving administrative costs and time, subscriptions are payable by bankers standing order. If you wish to subscribe, and have internet banking, please set up a standing order for an immediate payment of £10.00 followed by future annual payments of the same sum on the same date each year to our account number 71217977, sort code 05-02-30. Please use a reference consisting of your last name and postcode.

The banks are, at differing speeds, setting up new procedures to check details of account numbers and sort codes and, until these are fully in place, you may get a warning message. Please to not be put off by this; the above details are correct!

If you do not have internet banking and would like to set up a standing order in the traditional way, please download the standing order form. If you prefer to pay an annual subscription by cheque please use the option in the form below to request contact details of our treasurer.

FoWP Application Form (for a single household)
Enter here the names of any other members of your household who wish to be Friends.

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